Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gubi-Gubi : christmas series

Proud to present

Gubi-Gubi : The Christmas Series

[Click on the image to download]

Sorry For the Major Delay!! Enjoy The Toys!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Series Delay

There is some complication that i couldn't solve at this moment.. and Christmas series will only be available when I have allready solve some problem!! i appreciate each and every patient of yours! the series will be up for download anytime soons! thanks!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pain Killah Art Saying thank you to all Gubi-Gubi Customizer!!

Mr Kwan and Pain Killah

If I Havent properly Thanks everyone that has contribute their custom in making the gubi-gubi a blast! i would like to apologized to that.. but deep in my heart! you guys are the most amazing friend that i have ever known in life.... eventho we are only connected to our PC.. but, everyone has given their 150% in making my first exhibition a blast!!

I really appreciate the Friendship that we have built and the connection we have made with each other through out this year!!....each and everyone of you in,,!!!! i would like to say thanks! Thanks Thanks Thanks!! nothing can't ever repay what you have contribute to the me!! each and everyone of you are the star of my exhibition!!

I would like to say a big and large thank you to these following individuals who made my dream come true! without your custom! and Seriously without your custom!! I am nothing.. i am so damn nothing!

DMC, Scott Schaller,vinsart, Ross Hendry, Kenji of Black Fryday, Kwan of Aks File, Sal-Azad, Zcape, Math Castiel, Toma Corny, La Paint House, Tougui, Hyad, Jack Hankins, Markko Zubak, Catherine Understrup, Jerom, Benjamin Godon, guillainlevilain, Greg Maden, Ivan Richie, LA Firma, Luke Glood, ABZ aka Abigail, Jason Harlan, John Stuart Begger and last but not least ADMSXT.. to those i haven't mentioned im sorry, but deep down in my heart... you are my biggest motivation in making these happend!

Thank you!! the custom really help the event very well.....I am so touch that it brings tear to my eyes! I appreciate each and every individual That I have work with, and also to all the gubi lovers in all over the world!!!! My very first exhibition was a Blast!!! thanks to each and everyone of you

thank you, thank you!! I love you all... lets work on a project again in the future!!!

PS Chrismas series is gonna be ready soon!!!! thanks!!!

Collaboration of PKA x RosArtattack x Jason Harlan

Gubi-Gubi Custom Done by Jason Harlan

Gubi-Gubi Illustration Done By Mr.Rosmaini

[click on image for larger View]

This is one cool pic done by Mr Ros (Malaysia)! A Gubi-gubi inspired by the Dark Gyubi done by Jason Harlan(USA)... Mr Ros turn Jason Harlan custom gubi to a Hell Hound version...... and seriously this is what the gubi is all about! A soul Hunter from the land of Borneo! Thanks to both Artist who had contribute their custom on this Crossover

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A B-side to the latest hit series of Gubi-gubi : french series!!

Custom By : Hyad
Location : France
Custom By : Zcape
Location : France

Custom By : Mathieu Castel
Location : France

[click image to download]

Artist portfolio will be updated soon in the talented individual corner
but for now enjoy the B-side of the french series!